Saad Elhachimi – Leaving Berlin

OM MIG     Saad Elhachimi

A Swedish-Moroccan filmmaker with an M.A. in Media arts,
interested in exploring topics related to identity, belonging and
displacement, where a recent project resulted in a documentary
dealing with gentrification and LGBTQIA+ rights in Lisbon. Currently I am part of the industry team at CPH:DOX helping emerging filmmakers to find the trends and challenges of reaching audiences in today’s media landscape.


Leaving Berlin are a set of conventions, beliefs and expectations relevant to a particular subculture. Passed down from generation to
generation, codes can be utilized to facilitate communication within the ‘inside group’ but also to obscure the meaning to ‘outside groups’.

Leaving Berlin is a documentary of immigrant artists in the metropole of Berlin. The film explores how different artists and their communities adapt to the impact of increasing rents, inflation, and displacement on behalf of gentrification. While their belief systems might falter, the question of what it means to be authentic and true to oneself remains?