Charlotte Eliasson – A Dying Showgirl & Her Son in Space

Om migCharlotte Eliasson

Charlotte Eliasson is a filmmaker and visual artist. Her
documentary film debut, Lönsboda Fox, about the singer Sam Fox’s visit to Lönsboda in 2002 attracted attention in media and is today considered a Scanian cult classic. Growing up in Halland next to the border with Småland and the years she lived in New York form the basis of Eliasson’s artistry and personal gallery. She works in Malmö and southern Sweden.

Om projektet

A dying showgirl and her son in space is a wild ride through
imagination, post constructions of memories, and we ask ourselves,
what price are we willing to pay to live our lives on our terms. We follow Roland and his mother Julia, during her last year suffering from lung cancer. We follow mother and son in their present everyday lives in Malmö, as well as in their memories of the past. The purpose of this film is to tell a visually compelling story about two entangled, complex human beings