The Arc Project Update #8 – Interview with David Košťák

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David is a trailblazing playwright and director with work hailed at home in the Czech Republic and internationally. He was as intrigued with the relationship with AI and the craft of writing, much like me, and embarked on a long process to co-write a play with an AI model. The results were as humorous as they were intriguing.

In this extended interview we discuss the process and reveal how an AI can have ‘moods’, like any co-writing partner, and how it takes time and patience to get the most out of an AI Collaboration. The play was inspired by the anniversary of the invention of the word ‘robot’. But resulted in a humanist story that was presented to live audiences after its completion. David was one of the most insightful and detailed interviews I had. His perceptive was invaluable. It will help The Arc Project on our journey to making a feature film treatment or script come to life as David’s experience shone a light on the real world challenges and joys of such an endeavor. Enjoy