Why Web3?

Web3 is coming and it is developing fast. There may be a day when smart contracts are the industry standard, where bitcoin is as common as the dollar, and where NFTs are used to finance a film. We don’t know yet. But we don’t want to abdicate control of this space to people who only see it as a financial cash grab.

We want to help build it as potentially useful tools for creatives to harness the changing creator economy – on their own terms. We also want to help build it sustainably. We understand that we are in a climate crisis and while we may not be working directly with the concrete tools for combatting it we as creatives also have a part to play in building a greener future. 

By exploring this within a project with clear creative and sustainability goals and concerns we will also increase our collective Web3 literacy enabling us to better withstand the risks and pitfalls of this new world. Developing these tools together will make us more resilient in the wider Web3 space and hopefully help keep us out of trouble as it keeps growing.


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