Why us and why now?

The audiovisual industry is changing. There are large challenges that any storyteller who wants to work in this space needs to face – many of which have their roots in the digitalization and globalization processes over the past decades. Challenges such as content overload and audience empowerment, but also the fact that there is less and less public funding available for storytellers and a more uncertain global political climate pushing down the priority of the funding for the arts around Europe.  At the same time the private sector in the industry is reeling from COVID and the current streaming battles being fought both in Europe and around the world. Add to that the advent of Web3 with its blockchains and crypto booms and NFTs and it all amounts to a pretty scary landscape for a lone creator to navigate in. 

But there are also opportunities because of these developments. 

BoostDAO wants to help address these challenges and help build your creative and professional sustainability. Filmmakers and other creatives face an existential crisis today – how do you build a creative and professional life that supports you in this chaotic world? How do you do work that feels meaningful, both in process and outcome? How do you level up your skills and hone your talent enough to ”break in”? How do you feel less alone on this journey?

This is why BoostDAO is needed. This isn’t some superfluous tangent that you go on because you think it might ingratiate you to the decision makers at BoostHbg. This is an essential and integrated step along that path towards the creative life that you seek.


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