What do you (and we) get out of it?

Have you ever gotten a rejection letter from some fancy organization and thought to yourself that you can make better decisions than them? Ever felt that the organizations working supposedly for you never seem to have a workshop on the topic you need more knowledge on? Well, now is your chance to see what it could be like to be in charge. 

In the BoostDAO we are all in charge and together we can help fund projects, event, workshops, and other programming that will be to the benefit of the filmmakers and other creatives within the audiovisual industries in Skåne. Heck, even you can get some funding out of it – but only through working with a community of peers and building a system where both our individual creative ambitions can be realized along with our shared community goals. Show us how your creative proposals are relevant for all of us.

We make things that both benefit ourselves and the community. We help lift people up so that they are better equipped to realize their creative goals. We show the world what we, both collectively and individually, can do. We make things that allow us to showcase our skills and talent in a way that also supports and sustains us.


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