Transmission #3: What we hope to learn

Questions we want to answer by the end of the pilot:

  • Will this type of decentralized fund become a permanent part of the BoostHbg offerings where we annually put 100 000 SEK into the fund for the community to manage? 
  • Are creatives in our field willing to engage with a decentralized process and organization, and if so, what process did they follow? 
  • Does a decentralized process serve the goals and public sector mission that BoostHbg has, such as building a collaborative environment for creatives, supporting emerging talent, and boosting the resilience of the regional creators?
  • Did we arrive at a process that can be replicated in other fields of practice within the city government and other public sector organizations?
  • Is a DAO a good experimental space to foster Web3 literacy in Skåne?


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