Transmission #1: Welcome to the experiment

This is the first transmission from the BoostDAO design team intended to share a brief overview of what we are doing and where we are going. The transmissions will continue throughout the pilot project phase to share learnings, inspirations, challenges and opportunites.

Quick facts:

What: BoostDAO is an innovation project exploring how principles of Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and Web3 tools might be used to help create a collaborative, creative, and sustainable system of community engagement around a common mission. BoostHbg will invest 100 000 SEK into a pilot fund which the participants will decide autonomously how to distribute.

Why: BoostHbg works towards making Skåne the most creative, collaborative, and resilient region of cinematic storytellers in Europe. We are not in this just to launch a DAO, the goal is our community’s empowerment. If the pilot shows that this is not the right system to build citizen involvement, we will shut it down and continue trying other methods.

Who: The project is run by BoostHbg with money from the City of Helsingborg’s innovation fund. Project leader is Hillevi Gustafson, Screen Industries Strategist at BoostHbg and filmmaker. Hillevi is working in close collaboration with artist, speculative designer, and Web3 consultant Jocelyn Ibarra / The Time Travel Agency to craft the vision, design the parameters of the pilot project, and run the pilot.

When: The public BoostDAO test will run for the month of November.

Key takeaways:

  • Exploring the cutting edge, frontier area of decentralized autonomous organizations. The first project of this type in Sweden, uncertain outcome but with rewards both in learnings and in results.
  • Focus is on the mission, not the tech on its own. It is about using these modern tools to enable community and collective capacity. It is about boosting both individuals and local communities.
  • Bringing together a group of creatives in the region to sustain their own creative goals, and to build a more collaborative and vibrant community

Process and timeline:

June-August 2022: Articulation of vision and scope of the pilot together with design–Web3 consultant, groundwork for working groups, beginnings of sharing the narrative with stakeholders and community.

August-September 2022: Working groups bringing together experts on core themes where questions regarding legal, community, governance, and technology will be asked and answered. These will inform the design process and ensure that all relevant stakeholders are anchored in the project. 

September-October 2022: Designing the final pilot test, stress testing our governance and mission, onboarding of participants in the pilot.

November 2022: The BoostDAO test is live. 

December 2022: Initial reflections from participants in the pilot.

January 2023: Final reflection on the process and outcome of the pilot. Decision made by BoostHbg on making BoostDAO a permanent part of the organization. Packaging of learnings and processes into a shareable form.

INSPIRATION: CuraDAO and Kolektivo

One of the first encounters we had with DAO on a community development front was the CuraDAO . This project launched in 2019 and aimed to use the decentralized tools of Web3 to help empower the citizens of Curacao to reach the sustainable development goals.

Since then the project has morphed into Kolektivo , where they keep devloping different methods and tools to allow communities to self organise around shared visions. The way they put it, their Framework for Prosperity ”combines the latest digital innovations to create a framework that blends a native token, a community currency, local governance and impact measurement tools into one to create local impact economies.” It’s defintely worth checking our their website if you want to see a real world example of how these tools can be used to reach community goals.

For over three years, citizens of Curaçao have researched and piloted decentralized tools to reshape their island. So far, over 20 projects, ranging from tokenized food forest to governance research, have been facilitated.

The reason we like this example is that is has a clearly defined mission and is not about financial speculation at it’s core, they even say that they want to build complementary economic systems that have wellbeing at their core. This meshes well with the values and visions we have for the BoostDAO and we hope to keep learning from them as we design our own test.


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