Ok, but what is it really?

This is a creative incubator for independent filmmakers and storytellers in Skåne who want to collaborate in order to level up their own creativity/professionalism while building a region where we can all thrive together. It uses communal governing tools based in Web3 to ensure people are able to actively participate in and benefit from the fund. 

This is a community fund that supports proposals that incubate people and projects so that they can mutate and evolve into the next step in their creative and professional journey. Together we fund and build the things that will get us to the thing. You want to make a film? We can’t fund that, but we can fund a workshop with an exceptional writing coach or a prototype that allows you to create a killer proof-of-concept. Curious and afraid of virtual production? You are most likely not alone, so perhaps a workshop on that topic could help get us the skills we need to stay relevant in the business moving forward. There are so many ways this fund can help, all you need is to forumlate a proposal.

Starting off, the BoostDAO will run as a pilot test during the month of november 2022. During this time it will allocate 100 000 SEK of funds through a community based system of decision making.

The best proposals are the ones that use the many and varied skills that exists in this community to boost the project and the community so that we all learn and grow together. You are a director looking for a collaborating writer? Great, we have those so get working on that proposal together. You need a sound designer to level up a pitch reel? Find someone in the community and then propose the project together. The more anchored a proposal is in the community the more likely it is to feel relevant to our mission and thus get the votes needed to pass.


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