The Boost XR Knytkalas

Bild: Sitisak Forsberg

 Knytkalas = Potluck. You bring your knowledge and we all share freely.

 Curious about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality?
Join us on 4-7 October in Jonstorp, where BoostHbg will be bringing together 20 developers and creators from Sweden for the camp/jam we’ve called XR Knytkalas – to share, learn and network around storytelling in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (often grouped together as XR). We’ve booked an entire hostel at Jonstorp, north of Helsinborg in Skåne, where we’ll all take part in workshopping, entertaining, cooking and cleaning duties throughout the weekend.

DEADLINE 31th of August

Our promise to you
Participants will get shared housing and all meals (vegetarian) free of charge, as well as:

  • Inspiration: We’re inviting a bunch of cool guests to visit and showcase their work
  • Hands on experience: Workshops and mini-hacks both by experts and camp participants
  • Networking: Plenty of opportunities to hang out and collaborate with others, to find likeminded or strangeminded people for future projects
  • Downtime to create, socialise or take a walk in peaceful surroundings

We’ll work from the assumption that within our community, we have all the knowledge needed to develop the future of XR storytelling. We will select participants with the goal of creating a diverse group. The finished programme will be published when we’ve selected the participants and know what each one will bring to the table.

So if you’re a developer, sound designer, storyteller, dancer, musician or perhaps something else entirely, we’d love to see your application. Not sure if this is for you? Send us your application anyway – we promise that if you’re selected it’s because we need your unique skills.

We expect there to be international applicants as well as speakers, so the event will be held in English.

The fine print

  • We’ll ask you to commit to participating in the whole weekend.
  • You won’t be working on individual projects in the workshop sessions – though you might get ideas and partners for new projects.
  • We’ll bring some tech, but make sure you bring the equipment that suits your skills, be it digital or tactile.
  • If you want to host a sharing session during the camp you won’t receive a fee, but if we book a workshop in advance with you, you’ll get a fee for preparations.
  • We work with a creative commons attitude: everyone is free to continue working with any idea or prototype after the event.
  • You book and pay for your own trip. If you’re travelling from outside Skåne, you can request a travel grant through one of our partners: Filmbasen Stockholm, Film Västernorrland, Kultur i Väst, Region Gävleborg.

 Send us your application before 31 August!
Questions? Send them to:
Jonstorp hostel:

The full programme for the weekend will be published on 15 September, together with a list of the selected participants. Be prepared to arrive at Jonstorp from 15:00 on Thursday 4 October (75 minutes’ travel time from Helsingborg Central by public transportation), and to depart from Jonstorp around 15:00 on Sunday 7 October. 

–>Apply here 


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