Lab 1.0-Makers WeekendVR-Lab 1.0 – Makers Weekend
Saturday 12 & Sunday 13th November

8 stories
30 participants
A weekend of creating VR!

Following on from our August VR Lab 0 – VR Immersion and September’s VR Lab 0.5 – The Art & Science of VR, we’re excited to give you the chance to join our November VR Lab 1.0 – Makers Weekend, when you’re really going to roll up your sleeves and help create, prototype and shoot in 360°.

We’re looking for 8 stories to select for this 2-day prototyping Makers Weekend.

Storytellers? We’d like to invite you to apply with your story idea please.

Collaborators? We’d have room for 30 participants and know that a great team is more than the story idea, so we’re also looking for experience designers, cinematographers, film-makers, writers, storyboard artists, anybody who has already attended one of our VR Labs and is excited about joining a team.

We’ll be bringing in some experts in VR storytelling and directing, LARPing and experience design to help us prototype these 8 stories over 2 days and to inspire and guide you through the hands-on process.

No more sitting and just talking, this time we get our hands dirty and dig into 360° immersive storytelling!

Following our application process, 8 stories will be selected for team work and prototyping with our Samsung 360°- cameras.  So send your story idea or apply to a be team-member/collaborator. Be prepared to challenge ideas on placement, immersion and experience design. Boost will be your theatrical space to test your characters’/players’ points of view.

Let’s dig in to VR together and make things happen.

The deal:
The weekend will consist of:

  • Lectures/talks about the cameras.
  • Consideration points on camera/character placement, immersion, and experience design.
  • Workshops with prototyping: Get your hands on the cameras and prototype scenes with your group.

When: 12-13 Nov. (Sat-Sun) 9.30-17.30

Where: BoostHbg in Helsingborg, Dunkers kulturhus

What: Hands on VR-story workshop with 360°- cameras

Apply in 2 ways:

  1. With a story you want to tell in VR or
  2. As a team-member/collaborator.

Spots are limited (8 stories, and a maximum of 30 people in total).

How to apply as a collaborator: If you don’t have a story for VR that is totally OK. Be prepared to join in and help the ”storyteller” act and place out the experience.

Deadline for the application on the 24th of October ←

Apply here!

Check out our last VR-Lab here.

/The Boost Crew



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