Our Support Scheme

BoostHbg’s support scheme is a tailormade investment aimed to develop you and your project. The purpose of the support is to help you stay relevant in an everchanging media landscape through strategic skill support. Through this we also want to enable you to share your knowledge with the rest of the community.

Our support schemes take the shape of grants that can be seen as individual development programmes. The money that BoostHbg grants is aimed at developing a specific part of your project and answer questions regarding two core challenges that face creators today: audience empowerment and content overload.

The way it works is that you get an earmarked pot of money that is to be used to develop and test your project. The money can be used to create a prototype, to hire a coach, for relevant travel expense, and a combination of these things. In other words, this is not a production fund.

If you receive a grant then you will be the one driving the process forward but will also get a contact person at BoostHbg who will act as a guide. The grant is for you as an individual to use. There is also opportunity for networking and communal learning experiences with the other grant recipients during your project period. There is additional money earmarked for group activities, such as workshops and networking, based entirely on the needs of the group.

Alyssa Lewin is administrator for the support scheme..