Our Mission

BoostHbgs mission as a regional resource centre is to support our regional creators so they can stay relevant in an everchanging media landscape. We do this by fostering innovation and communal learning.

We work together with our community to create a dynamic and creative region which encourages creatives who dare to be ambitious.

Staying relevant is a constant need that all creatives within the audio-visual production industries share. To be relevant is what it takes in order to work professionally and usually what leads to both professional longevity and financial sustainability. To be relevant means that you understand the context and the world that you work in. Our regional creators with diverse backgrounds and voices have important stories to tell. And luckily, we as people have a constant need to engage with different kinds of stories. But no matter how important a story is, it needs to get a chance to reach its audience. How a story manages that has a lot to do with audience behaviour. Rarely is it enough to just hope for it to happen. As professional creatives we need to be both creatively bold but also entrepreneurially curious about our industry.

Challenges and opportunities

Staying relevant within the audio-visual production industries can feel like an overwhelming task both for large actors and individual creatives. This is especially true at a time when we are faced with large industry wide changes that create both difficult challenges and exciting opportunities. The last decade of technological advances has led to a digital transformation which has thrown open the doors to a myriad of ways to produce, distribute, and consume stories. The two current changes that BoostHbg has identified as inevitable for creators to face in order to stay relevant are: audience empowerment and content overload.