How does it work?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to understand all the underpinning processes and technology that will power this fund. If you want to participate, we will ensure that you get the knowledge you need to do so. We will be developing an onboarding process that is designed to make this as accessible as possible for anyone that is curious and engaged enough to want to join in. We are going to learn together.

There will be more information here once we are closer to the open BoostDAO test in november. In the mean time check out our Transmissions to stay up to date on our design process.

The types of things that we support are: community learning activities, creative exploration and development, creative collaborations, and community building activities. Proposals, at least at this stage of the BoostDAO, need to fall under one of these four categories in order to be in line with the mission of the fund. 

This is the place to dream big. You have an idea of some massive sci-fi western epic love story but convinced no one will give you the millions of dollars to make it? Great! Bring it to the community and you might just find that someone with crazy good skills in Unreal has been working on digital assets that perfectly suit your aesthetic, and someone else has been perfecting their old west drawl. Together you might be able to propose a proof-of-concept to the BoostDAO and if they find it relevant and you get enough people excited, then the community could grant you the funds.

We also want to help facilitate the distribution not just of financial resources but also the possibility of resource sharing and the bartering of skills between community members. Every member of the BoostDAO is valuable and valued. 

(If you want to dig into the underpinning details of Web3 check out this article.)


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