The BoostHbg Vision and Manifesto: Supporting new voices and new stories

  BoostHbg is a regional development fund for new storytelling formats in Skåne. We inspire and support storytellers exploring new ways of developing and distributing content.  BoostHbg is the only regional center working exclusively with new formats and new methodologies in Sweden. We want to have a position as a frontrunner in this field, inspiring creators and producers as well as public institutions and the media industries to work systematically with innovation.

 We believe that the in a time of radical change in the media industry, we need new kinds of content creators and producers, willing to experiment and collaborate across disciplines and formats. We believe that the future of storytelling should be formed by all our different voices, not only by the big global enterprises. Ensuring that new voices and new stories reach their audience, we continue the rich tradition and relevance of Swedish storytelling and a democratic society.

We do this by inspiring storytellers through talks, workshops and hackathons. We build cross-disciplinary networks, provide knowledge and hands on experience to those with specific projects and development support for those who want to prototype their ideas. We work actively to build alliances regionally, nationally and in the Nordic countries, ensuring that regional talent development is linked to efforts in the national and Nordic support systems.

 We want to challenge the established dogmas of the media industry: We believe we need to redefine talent if we are to find the new voice. We believe that producers should think about audiences from the start. We believe that public funding and private funding could – and should – be combined more creatively. 

 It’s not a coincidence that BoostHbg was founded in Helsingborg and are supported by Region Skåne. We thrive in a city and a region that both are frontrunners in digital development, iterative thinking and global ventures. In 2019 BoostHbg celebrate ten years – looking forward to the next ten we want to prioritize…..

Our financial and technical support is earmarked for producers in Southern Sweden, and we’ll happily connect you with potential partners in the region if you don’t already have them.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask us at