Welcome to the BoostDAO

This is the story of a community of creatives coming together to fight outdated power structures that try to dictate the ways films are funded, made, and distributed. We will do this by settling the Web3  frontier and harnessing its power to inspire each other, explore new creative possibilities, and distribute resources to pursue individual and collective dreams. Are you ready to join us?

BoostDAO is a decentralized creative incubator whose mission is to fund ideas from the cinematic storytelling creatives in southern Sweden in order to boost both the individual and our local community. This is the first project of its kind in Sweden.

This is a project run by BoostHbg a public organization working with innovation within the audiovisual industry. Our purpose is to bring together creatives in Skåne, Sweden to level up their skills and test new methods to better achieve their creative goals and meet their audiences.

BoostDAO is based on the underpinning idea that collaboration and creative exchange is essential to build a sustainable and thriving community of creators in our region. BoostDAO intends to use decentralized tools to empower the community to make democratic decisions about what to fund and how to make it a reality. 

This is your opportunity to incubate and grow an idea into something that is tangible enough to showcase the vision to other stakeholders and potential funders. The community will work together to distribute 100 000 SEK in grants for different proposals that promote community learning and creative exploration. We can’t fund your whole film necessarily, but BoostDAO can help you create something that moves you closer to that goal.

You do not need to be knowledgeable about Web3 or understand DAOs in order to join the experiment: we will learn how to use these tools together. All that is needed is curiosity and a willingness to invest some time and effort into the work.

On this site you can follow along the transmissions from the design process, learn more about the project and find out how to participate. Do not hesitate to reach out if you want to get involved, have questions or are just curious to know more – just shoot an email to: hillevi@boosthbg.se