Transmission #2: How is this relevant?

What is the relevance of the BoostDAO as an innovation project in Skane and Sweden?

The BoostDAO is an innovation project that encourages filmmakers and storytellers to actively engage with the distribution of resources that an organization like BoostHbg provides. This is the first project of its kind in Sweden.

At BoostHbg we want to test an approach to democratize the process of funding and programming in order to stay relevant with the community that we serve. By exploring the new tools of Web3 (blockchain, decentralized autonomous organizations, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, etc.) we are piloting a system that, if successful during this pilot, could become a permanent part of how we distribute funds.

The pilot consists of a six-month process where BoostHbg explores Web3 as a collaborative tool and works with designers, experts and stakeholders to design a decentralized fund that serves the underlying mission. This will include a month-long live test where members of the BoostHbg community come together using the necessary Web3 tools to propose, vote on, fund, and create things together. BoostHbg will be putting in 100 000 SEK into this fund that will then be distributed according to the autonomous decision-making structures that have been designed in the pre-pilot phase.

During the design process different working groups consisting of civil servants, lawyers, Web3 experts and community members will have all given input into how the pilot will work – including if the test will be fully on the blockchain or simulated using other means. This is a groundbreaking area and there are no set standards of practice yet so exactly how this will work and what the outcome will be is uncertain at this stage. After the month-long live test the project will be evaluated by BoostHbg and different stakeholders and a decision will be made whether this will become a permanent part of BoostHbg’s operations moving forward.

During the pilot we will be focused on BoostHbg’s filmmakers and storytellers target audience, but we will share our learnings with other organizations and branches of the city of Helsingborg through a product that encompasses our results, in hopes that others can find other relevant areas of application.

INSPIRATION: Decentralized Pictures

Another inspiration to us when beginning to dream about the BoostDAO was Decentralized Pictures. This is a democratized film fund and online community of filmmakers and other creatives that is founded by among others Roman Coppola. Their mission is to serve emerging and historically underrepresented filmmakers and enable them to get their projects made.

When in the course of creative endeavors it becomes necessary for free-thinking filmmakers to break away from an overly-restrictive institutional system that prevents innovation and originality from finding a voice, a decent respect to the wisdom of the crowd and the opinions of audiences everywhere requires that they declare their independence from such a system.

This is very much an example of a so called #Film3 project. Film3 a catchall term for many different types of film related initiatives that are exploring how Web3 tools might disrupt our industry. This is definitely something we want to dive into furhter as we keep learning together.


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